Pandora Press (SFN zine)

Pandora Press is the Swansea Feminist Network zine (a zine – pronounced ‘zeen’, derived from ‘magazine’ – is a self-published booklet).  Pandora Press aims to be a publication written by and for intelligent creative women, that represents what the Swansea Feminist Network is all about!

Pandora Press is a free and open forum for self expression. You can get involved in any way, whether it be writing articles, submitting artwork, helping with the construction – any aspect you can think of!

You can buy copies for £1 each at any SFN event; alternatively, email the editor Cath at if you’d like to buy a copy using paypal.  Older back issues are available online for free at, and some are on sale online at Marching Stars Zine Distro.

We’re mainly interested articles and opinion pieces, but are also interested in the following:

Short Fiction
– Films
– Music
– Blogs
– Zines
Swansea Women’s News/Events

Contributors must be from South Wales, preferably the Swansea area! Self-defined women only.  Just email your ideas, questions, or submissions to:


Unfortunately we are not able to pay for submissions.

Pandora Press on Zine Wiki

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