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The Swansea Feminist Network is made up of a group of people committed to challenging and fighting misogyny and gender inequalities in all forms. We have regular meetings, discussion groups, social gatherings, and space for activism. We run women-only meetings in order to create safe spaces, but we aim to be as gender inclusive as possible and try our best to also create alternatives. We recognise that with many different people gathering, there will many different political views needing airspace – all we ask is that tolerance and respect underpins this.

Our blog expresses some of those differing views, so remember that the contributor is responsible for what is written and doesn’t necessarily reflect Swansea Feminist Network as a whole. We ask that our contributors are as respectful of others online as they are offline. Welcome to our world of feministing!

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Swansea Feminist Network Aims & Objectives (document)

Swansea Feminist Network Constitution (document)

4 responses to “About

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  2. Hi,

    Just wondering when/if you’re having an October meeting? I’d love to come along!

  3. I hate women. ! !!! Hate hate hate them hat 🎩

  4. Before anyone takes that comment seriously about hating women, I really did not mean it. I understand that women’s issues are not a laughing matter and I sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by the comment. I consider myself a feminist and I don’t see the point in making jokes about a very serious subject.

    Please except my apology.

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