Review: International Women’s Day 2013

Thursday 7th March saw SFN hold our second International Women’s Day event, co-hosted by the Swansea Women’s Centre and Swansea University Students’ Union.

Local women’s organisations had information available on stalls at the event, including City of SanctuarySwansea Women’s Centre, Abortion Rights UK, and Healing the Wounds.

City of Sanctuary stall

SWC stall

The stalls fully set up at the beginning of the day, ready to begin!

Labour councillor Erika Kirchner came down to open the event, with a speech on empowering young women and girls.  After a relaxed morning chatting with the guests over refreshments, we had some acoustic music sets during lunch, and then an afternoon of workshops.  Highlights included the workshop on girl zines and feminism, where we all made our own feminist minizines, and a knitting workshop, which was open to women of all ability levels.

guests knitting together at a table

Although a little quieter than we had hoped, all guests had a lovely time, and we got some great feedback on our event!  We hope that future IWD events will be even bigger and better.

That evening we held a screening of ‘Grrrl Love Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC‘, a short documentary on the riot grrrl movement in New York City in the early 1990s.  We had an excellent turnout for the film screening, and had some lively discussion afterwards on the themes raised in the film.

Finally, on Saturday we marched through London on the Million Women Rise protest march.  It was an exciting and lively event, with lots of singing, cheering, and chanting!  Check out the photos we took on our Facebook page.  Here’s one of our banner:

photo by Nat Wlock

by Cath Elms, SFN Media Officer

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