Wanted: Feminist Art!

The Swansea Women’s Centre are holding a workshop day for International Women’s Day. One of the rooms at the centre will be turned into a feminist art gallery for the day, and we’re looking for all kinds of artwork to feature in our gallery! The focus is on women’s experience – artwork can include painting, collage, zine pages, poetry, crafts, sculptures, mixed-media art, drawings – anything that you have created yourself!  We can’t pay for items, but we are happy to return them to you if you provide us with a SAE. 

The deadline for submitting items is mid-February.  The gallery will be open to people of all ages, so we ask that artwork submitted is not sexually graphic/explicit.
For more details, email us at swanseafeministnetworkATgmail.com.


One response to “Wanted: Feminist Art!

  1. I think you should check your website from safari,
    it is got an incredibly strange structure on my end. I changed to IE and it is coming up fine.
    … On the other browser, it’s sort of distorted and the text is tiny, tiny, tiny. Just thought you should know. Good article!

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