Save the Women’s Centre!

We have just received some devastating news. The Women’s Centre in Swansea will close down at the end of July as the funding they were banking on to stay open has not been granted by the Welsh Assembly Government. Unless a miracle happens, and money is found by next week, this will happen.

The Women’s Centre has been running for over thirty years, and is the only remaining centre of its kind in Wales.  The Women’s Centre provides general advice, support and information for women on a range of issues, including domestic violence, education, sexual health, health and abuse. They provide support and self help groups, Crèche facilities, a library, training courses and volunteering opportunities, and a drop-in with tea, coffee and the chance to socialise.

We can’t let this closure go ahead.  To help, you can:

  • Write to Sian James MP and other female councillors, such as Erika Kirchner.
  • Write a letter of complaint to the Welsh Assembly Government.
  • Write to your local newspaper and ask them to report this injustice.
  • Attend the Swansea Feminist Network’s fundraiser on the 29th July in order to raise money to keep the centre open.
  • DONATE in any way you can! We will be setting up a JustGiving page for donations, but in the meantime you can contact us at swanseafeministnetworkATgmailDOTcom to donate time or money.
  • Most importantly: spread the word! Tell everyone you know.

We will keep you posted on any news developments.

Love, SFN x

5 responses to “Save the Women’s Centre!

  1. There is a centre such as this in Rhyl and it is so important to the region. We all support your fight to survive but the Assembly’s record on supporting women’s organisations is weak!!! Hang in there and look elsewhere for your monies, all the very best Shan

  2. Looks like the Centre’s website is down too. I know there are lots of feminist blocs in Wales, like the South Wales Feminist Collective, or Feminism Cardiff, and I can’t imagine any of them are too happy about this. If my interactions with valley feminists has been anything to go by the Centre will get squatted before July is out.

  3. You could also contact our constituency AM- Julie James and our south west regional A.M.’s who are Bethan Jenkins (PC) and Suzy Davies (Con). There are some men as well but… To complain to the Welsh Government in the first instance contact Jane Hutt who is the minister for finance, leader of the house and has the lead for equalities and diversities. Our MP’s can’t do much because it’s a devolved issue.

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