Call for Submissions: SFN’s first zine!

Hello everyone!

Caitlin, Eleri and I are currently in the process of planning Swansea Feminist Network’s first zine (a zine – pronounced ‘zeen’, derived from ‘magazine’ – is a self-published booklet)! The zine aims to be a publication written by and for intelligent creative women, that represents what the Swansea Feminist Network is all about!

The theme of the first issue is OUR FEMINIST HEROES.  Write about a feminist who inspires you – a politician, a relative, a musician, an actor, a philanthropist, a medic, a writer, a goddess, a good friend, anything you like!

As well as general articles, people are encouraged to submit some of the following:
Cover art
Interior art/illustrations
– Films
– Music
– Blogs
– Zines
Musician Profile
Swansea Women’s News/Events

Contributors should be from South Wales, preferably the Swansea area!  Submissions from all genders are welcome.

We’re aiming to publish it in time for our music fundraiser at the end of July (RSVP here), so the deadline for submissions is 17th July 2011.

Please send any ideas, questions or submissions to us at swanseafeministnetworkATgmailDOTcom!  Happy writing! :)

Cath x

p.s. want more info on what a zine is?  Check out Wikipedia’s entry on zines, or zinewiki.

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