A small gripe

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself having to unnecessarily justify my personal/political beliefs on a daily basis. It’s an extremely unfortunate state of affairs to be honest.

I mean, being casually racist, in my opinion, for example, is intolerable. What’s even worse is not saying anything about it. Yet, when such a point is made to the offender, all of a sudden you’re guilty of trying to shove your ‘liberal shit’ down other peoples’ throats. Suddenly, your personal politics are the problem, not the issue at hand.

Let’s make a few things clear shall we?

1. Posting racist crap is not cool and it certainly isn’t going to make people like you, regardless of how much it’s dressed up as a ‘laugh’.

2. Reacting aggressively to someone’s criticism of the aforementioned puerile postings and calling them a ‘toffee-nosed twat’ is not only a bit O.T.T but pathetic, and is a poor reflection of the ability to handle yourself. If such appalling social convictions are held, at least have the cojones to back them up.

Or maybe being criticised by a woman, who happens to be a feminist, liberal, plant-lover and all-round kick-ass person is too much for one person to handle. It’s a conundrum alright.

To me, it’s just slightly irritating. Why am I the bad guy? I’m not perpetuating any racial stereotypes.

This is a guest post by SFN founding member Kat. All opinions expressed on our blog are those of the individual writers and not necessarily those of the SFN, its committee or its membership. 


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