I am in the process of printing out some stickers for a stickering campaign. The idea is that a group of us goes about in balaclavas and sticks the stickers in prominent places. So I’d like some suggestions for slogans, words, pictures, whatever, to print on the stickers. There won’t really be balaclavas, of course. And I’d like to make it clear that we would only be sticking said stickers in places that won’t cause damage to public property. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that we target magazine covers, billboards, The Sun, shop windows, or anything like that. I definitely wouldn’t want to cause offence to anybody. So, just to reiterate – not sticking stickers on anything we could get told off for. Definitely not on Page 3. That’s the campaign.

Send me your ideas! Either by commenting or to our Twitter page.


3 responses to “Stickering…

  1. or you could tweet it directly to me to avoid the poor Twitter person having to answer lots of random things…@welshfeminist

  2. Hiya, this was the website I mentioned in the meeting the other day – loads of awesome slogan ideas :)
    But I’m not suggesting we sticker places that we’d get in trouble for stickering, of course x

  3. To not place on top of ads:
    “sexism = boring”
    “enough sexism already”
    “this company hates women”

    Depending on stance on prostitution:
    “money ≠ consent – abolish prostitution”

    “feminism rocks!”

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