Why does Swansea need a Feminist Network?

Well, to be honest, why wouldn’t it? Everywhere needs a feminist network, particularly in these dark, Tory-led days of ensuring that gender inequality is firmly entrenched in our (‘Big’) society. But more on that later…

It has often been said that Swansea is a city sorely lacking in culture and class. It is, in fact, neither of those things if you just scratch the surface (though I do admit it can be slightly more lacking than Cardiff, say, or Bristol). What is also more often said by the sorts of Leftie, slightly studenty, and often Guardian-reading people I tend to come across (being one myself) is that Swansea, in terms of politics and activism, is the beginning of the arse-end of nowhere, and actually, that makes me quite mad. Because, quite simply, it’s not true.

I’ve been living in Swansea for twelve years with just a small two year gap in the middle. In that time, I’ve come across inspirational women, women who are changing the world through their own actions and through the actions of the groups they form together. With these women I’ve done flyering, stickering, graffiting, shouting, marching, sitting-in(ing?), surfing, day-tripping to other people’s marching, and A LOT of ranting. Often in the pub. I’ve done this on campus, when I was student, and I’ve done it in the city centre. I’ve even done it on Gower.

I think the point is that there is definitely no lack of feminists, of people who believe in gender equality, of people who absolutely think that we shouldn’t be putting up with misogyny and the retrogressive tactics that have always been used against women in the name of government. The point is that we are all here, we always have been, and we are all, in some way, working against the notion that it’s ok to move women into poverty, to rape and beat women, to sexualise women, to devalue women’s contributions to society. The point is we just need to wave across to one another, say that hello, get together so there are more of us than it’s possible to ignore.

Swansea Feminist Network will hopefully help that along. We can put feminists in touch with one another. We can do whatever we want to do. Drop us an email if you’d like to get involved and look out for flyers advertising all the stuff we’ll have going on. Be patient while we get our blog up and running, but check back soon…



4 responses to “Why does Swansea need a Feminist Network?

  1. Great idea Adele. Keep me posted. My activism is limited at the moment being a single working Mum pursuing a PhD – Sorry Mr Tory for being such a hateful concept ;o) hehe – But I’m always there with an opinion, encouragement and the occaisional peaceful protest. I can’t bake cupcakes but I sure as hell can shout!!! :oD

  2. My girlfriend shared this page with me as I will be spending the summer in Swansea (May-Aug). I am definitely interested, and hopefully the steering meeting on May 3rd will go ahead.
    I have feminist front line anti-violence work experience (transition house and crisis line) from volunteering/working in Vancouver, Canada.

  3. Hey Natalie –

    The meeting on 3rd May is definitely going ahead in the Women’s Centre on Mansel St. I’ll be adding details to the blog shortly. We’ve generated lots of ideas so hopefully the necessary numbers will turn up and we can get active…

    Hope to see you there!


    @Liza – cupcakes are over-rated ;-)

  4. Fab to see this site/ initiative up and running- nice work, Adele!

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